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Anonymous 2018/06/02 at 04:30:55 AM UTC id. 1
You're supposed to post shit you made here, like this robot laser turret thing that I made once, try and be nice to eachother, this is not /b/, if you want to insult people you might as well go back there. Also, you might be asked to explain how you made it, wether or not you reply to that is up to you, but it's usually cool to try to make something someone else did just to see if you're as good as them.

Anonymous 2018/06/03 at 01:35:37 AM UTC id. 2
Does anyone know how to make PCBs at home? I don't know where to get a good etchant or how to make the actual footprint for the PCBs, any software recomendations? If you could clue me in, that'd be fantastic, I live in Spain, so you know, they don't sell Ferric Chloride or Hydrochloric Acid anywhere that I know...

Anonymous 2018/10/28 at 07:35:48 AM UTC id. 3